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When I name my Light Cruiser MIDNIGHT, the name persists from game to game.  The name of the shuttle, however, does NOT.  My first thought was to throw this info into the Controls.INI file, but the what about Fluminata, a brigantine w/ shuttle and fighters?  Maybe that info can go into the VesselData.XML??  I'm not happy w/ that idea either, WAY to much other "stuff" in there!  Now am thinking we need a new file {ShipNames.INI ? } that would be read to specify that if players chooses, say, a Ximni BattleShip, it should be named "Iron Belle" w/ shuttle named "Faithful"*.  And if they pick Pirate Brigantine it would have name "Fulminata" w/ shuttle "Stanka" and fighters "Morte", "Thanatos", "Yama", & "Anjou". 

   I picture the file in the Artemis directory on the server.  The default version would just have place holders, no info, and so not interfere with current operations.  After 1 edits it, the default ship names {Artemis, et cetera, still show until the players pick a different ship type.  Then the default name {as in file} shows for that type.  Users {Helm} may change.  Changes would be maintained until the server is exited. 

    Sound do-able??  Thoughts?? 

* why, yes, I AM thinking of Pink Floyd!

on TeamSpeak as GreyBeard {the Grim}  ;-)
Chief Engineer of the Fulminata, one of the Pirates Of BeechWood! 
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