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So I'm messing around with the ship builder trying to get some custom modeled ships into the game, and when I generate the ship int to place the nodes, connection lines get created but they aren't connected to anything so the DAMCON teams can't travel to those points, at least not in the builder. I'm not ready to test the ship in the game just yet.

How to I either create new connection lines or at least connect the ones that were created. I've tried moving the lines with CTRL-hold left click and drag but it doesn't connect the lines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @Comatose, welcome to the Artemis Universe!

Interior node setups are a colossal pain. Push the mouse forward, point goes up, push it backwards, point goes left. 

The best advice I can give is to check out Mark Bell's guidance here:
Editing .snt files

As far as I can see, the best way is to start with the framework, then poke at it manually using a hex editor (like Notepad ++).

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My general workflow is to let shipEditor create the first pass, poke at it for a bit, then use the custom hex editor that RussJudge created to fine tune it.

In terms of just clicking to make new points, if you hold down the shift key as you move the mouse around (don't click yet, just move the pointer around) it should highlight nodes with circles, red if it's not active or white if it is. It'll also enumerate the node's XYZ matrix location

x 0
y 3
z 4

or what have you (hereafter abbreviated [0,3,4]), but not specifically the physical location of the node (like with picking points on the skin). What's probably happening is you've got a few nodes in one place and a few in another and nothing in between.

The nodes need to be only one unit apart to connect - so node [0,0,0] could connect to [0,1,0] or [1,0,0] but not directly to [1,1,0]. Does that make sense? It makes native generated internals very boxy, but you can move the physical location of the nodes themselves to smooth it out.

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