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Ok, I have a really dumb, pointless question...

I recently got a new laptop, and Windows 10 defaults your user directory to the first five digits of your email. For reasons I am unable to explain, this bugs the heck out of me. So I dug my way through regedit and changed all instances of "Users\darri" to "Users\Darrin". At least, I think I did...? (OneDrive got a little upset with me over this, but I didn't care.)

When I start up an Artemis server with my laptop, the server is still called "darri" instead of "Darrin". How do I tell Artemis to use my full username?

Mike Substelny

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When we did the Persistent War testing we just created extra Windows accounts on the servers. We had accounts with names much longer than "Darrin."
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Odd, I always figured thar Artemis would just use the machine name*.  A throw back to Ye Olde M$ LanMan daze I guess.  

* changeable by Administrator, requires re-boot after.

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