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Hey there, folks.

Trying to get an Artemis server running on a Ramnode VPS that I'm renting so my friends from college and I have a place to play that's not on my desktop...and I'm having some issues.

I'm thinking that this is likely a hardware issue, but when I try to fire up the game to start up the server, I get an error regarding a lack of Direct3D capable devices to render the game client.   I figure it's probably a hardware limitation on the side of my host...but I didn't know if there were some way to maybe force software rendering (it's not like I care if the server gets decent framerates, after all!)

Otherwise, does this mean that since it looks like my Windows VPS doesn't have any sort of hardware accelerated video rendering...I won't be able to host an Artemis server on this server?

I guess if I want a 'dedicated' solution otherwise, I'd most likely be forced to get a second system set up in my apartment and just run it headless (with a VNC setup or Remote Desktop, either one) or something.  

Does anyone else have any experience running the game on a VPS or remote server like this and recommend a host?  I could use any insight, really.  

It's frustrating in situations like this that there is no headless version of the server that you can just run without having access to accelerated 3D rendering.  It makes logical sense, given that the "ship" is the server and all (especially after playing it live and seeing how everything functions from a technical standpoint), but for instances like this (people separated by distance just want to have a server to play on that's always in the same place), it would sure be nice to have a more 'dedicated' server option.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can offer!


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Here's one option:

That costs 65 cents per hour the server is up and running though! Ugh.

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