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Dave Thaler

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I don't mind ships having to go back to the login screen to respawn, that's fine.   My experience with scripted missions so far though is that you can't get back in by clicking Ready to Play on the main screen of that ship - nothing happens, it just sits there at the login screen.

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That's not my experience. I've found that if a ship is destroyed, I just need to use if_exists and a flag variable to detect when it is created again. But then, that's with ships that are not specified in the script. I suppose it's possible ships you create have to be explicitly destroyed when they are blown up or they can't be logged back in.

The behavior may also have changed in the latest version. Let me do a test and I'll let you know what I find out.
Fish Evans

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to spawn a ship via ready to play a main screen needs to be selected by the person hitting ready to play.
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