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to get to Armada
The Wilson Mills exit is the northern most on the I-271.  The 271 has outer lanes that have entrance and exit ramps.  The inner lanes are for through traffic.  There are some interchanges between inner and outer, but not for every exit. 

if heading North on 271, use LAST EXIT* {Wilson Mills} and turn Right.  Take LEFT @ 1st light {Beta Drive}
* you're probably okay to take the main branch until you get to Cedar Road.  Make sure you get into the Local Interchange lanes then as I said, Wilson Mills is the last exit, next stop Willoughby....

if heading South on {local} 271, use 1st exit {Wilson Mills} and turn LEFT.  Go under 271 and take LEFT @ 1st light {Beta Drive} past the entrance ramp. 

From the East and presuming use of I-90 - 271 exits will be on the left.  The first exits for the the "thru" part of the 271.  Skip them.  Use the next 2 to get to the 271 "local".  Stay right, as Wilsom Mills is first exit.
From the South, get to I-271, see above.
From the West, you may want to skip the I-90 in Cleveland.  Google Maps looks like you can cut over to 271 and take it North.
From the North, call ahead, make sure icebreakers are ready to open your dockage.  {see below}
if coming by plane or train or {boat}, ask Hilton IF they can send shuttle bus to get you.

For those of you staying @ Hilton, the check-in desk is ALL the way to the "back".  Facing the 271.  Site has a pool, spa, even an on-site laundry.  For those not, there are others nearby. 

Once the actual venue of Armada has been determined, the easiest access will be determined.  {For those of you with an 18 wheeler load of bridge gear to unload.}  There is a nice canopied entrance, so do not bring the TALL rig. 

Try to plan trip to NOT be on InterState during "drive time".  Trust me, you do not want to be sharing the roads with ~3 milion people trying to get home and start their weekends.  Take Friday OFF if needbe.  And, speaking of generally good Con behaviour, bting some hand sanitizer.  The case of Con Crud you prevent may be your own. 

And, as always, have fun! 



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