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Is there a way to save a sound configuration? I find music distracting with so much communication that needs to happen, and I get tired of turning down the slider every single time...

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Right there with you, especially when running many missions back-to-back at conventions. I'm pretty sure this is a bug.

One workaround I'm considering is to do a batch volume adjustment on the music files, so the files are just intrinsically "quieter".

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outside of the game you can adjust your master volume on your PC. You can also go to mixer and turn down Artemis specifically. You can also replace music with silent audio files.

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Saving sound setting aside, I experience a blast of loud music when I return to the title screen. The music in an active simulation matches the slider (I turn it down to around 40-50%, but seems to return to 100% when a mission is over.

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You can disable music automatically by importing these registry settings. Note that the music always plays on the title screen; after clicking through to client or server the music will obey these settings. I believe the values are between 0 and 1 (where 1 is 100% volume). Obviously replace 192.168.x.y with whatever your server is (or omit it completely).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


 To import, save the code above in a file such as "artemis-disable-music.reg" and double-click on it to import it.


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Setting musicObjectMasterVolume to ".5" actually worked... for the first game. Next mission on the server it kicks back to 100%. Drat, so close!

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I made a post asking for the ability to define the default sound settings, please chime in here:

Workaround Solution:

Disclaimer...Please make a backup!  I work with the registry a lot.  If you don't, please make a backup or snapshot of your system first.

Essentially we will lock the ArtemisSBS registry preventing Artemis from changing it.

Change the ArtemisSBS registry subkey(s)

1. HKCU>Software>ArtemisSBS

2. Edit the subkeys according to the values you want.  Example: Change "musicObjectMasterVolume" from 1 to .5 for server in game music to 50%.

The Artemis server will now be at 50% music volume.  The problem is that the subkeys are overwritten after the first game is completed.  If you can change the ArtemisSBS subkeys, then so can Artemis itself.  We can prevent this by locking the "ArtemisSBS" key.  Keep in mind this locks all the ArtemisSBS subkeys as well.

Lock the registry key.

3. Right click the registry key HKCU>Software>ArtemisSBS

4. Choose "Permissions..."

5. Click [Advanced].

7. In the "Advanced Security Settings" box you'll see that the currently-logged-in-user has "Full Control" over this key (and subkeys).  We want to deny access to the currently-logged-in-user.  In the picture below you can see my currently-logged-in-username is "Artemis".  Your logged in username will likely be different.


8. Click [Add] (noted in picture above)

9. Type in the currently-logged-in username and click [OK].

10. In the pop up box "Permissions Entry for..." choose the following settings:
Allow:  Query Value, Enumerate Subkeys, Create Link, Write DAC, Read Control
Deny: Set Value, Create Subkey, Notify, Delete, Write Owner

11. Click [OK] (as noted in picture above)

12. Notice the two new currently-logged-in usernames that have "Special" permissions.  When you need to edit the subkeys, it's a simple matter of removing these two "Special" permissions user types.

13. Click [OK]

14. Click [Yes] to "Do you want to continue?"

15. Click [OK]

You should still see the subkeys in the Registry Editor, if not, skip below to "Undo the registry lock" and then try again.

Verify the lock

16. Double click on the subkey you previously changed in step 2 above.

17. Make a change.

18. Click [OK].

If you get an error about "Cannot edit..." then the key is successfully locked.  Congrats!

Now fire up Artemis and get back to gaming! [smile]


1. My Artemis Server has a dedicated IP, it's IP never changes.  If your Artemis server IP changes, you will need to undo the registry lock and either manually update the IP in the registry or let Artemis.

2. Locking the registry is also helpful when you have two (or more) network connections like I do.  Two wired LAN and one wireless.  They all co-exist, but I need Artemis to use one particular adapters IP.

How to "Undo" the registry lock?

You may need to make changes to the ArtemisSBS registry key.  You may install a new version of Artemis and it's best to return access to the installer for the ArtemisSBS key and subkeys.

1. Right click the registry key HKCU>Software>ArtemisSBS
2. Choose "Permissions..."
3. Click [Advanced].
4. There should be three currently-logged-in-users listed.  In my example, my currently-logged-in-user is "Artemis".  In the picture below you can see two include Special permissions and one with the default Full Control. 

Select/highlight and [Remove] both of the currently-logged-in-users with Special permissions.  Of the three currently-logged-in-users, this will leave only the user with Full Control, which is what you want.
5. Click [OK]
6. Click [OK]
7. Test by editing an Artemis subkey.
8. Edit the subkeys as needed, install/update Artemis.


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Above I use 50% sound settings in the example.  Experience now suggest 30% (.3).  Otherwise the various Captains weren't able hear the crew very well, especially during scripted missions.


A recent post suggested a great idea, simply delete the music files.  While I enjoy the music, it would be much simpler to do this.

Thanks to everyone here: LINK

  1. Visit your artemis folder:  artemis/dat
  2. Let's backup the music.  Create a folder called "musicbackup".
  3. Sort the file listing by "Type" so all similar files are sorted together.
  4. Find all the .ogg files.
  5. Copy all .ogg files to the newly created "musicbackup" backup folder.
  6. Delete all .ogg files from the artemis/dat folder.
  7. Repeat this for all connecting computers.
Sounds effects still work for all stations.

Suggestion:  Keep "Artemis Main Screen.ogg" and "The Artemis Victorious - Extended.ogg" and "The Artemis Dies Final.ogg" since they are used outside the game.  HOWEVER, if you have several bridges in the same room that are not in the same server game, I would remove these too since it will be loud and likely affect the other ship(s).

All tests were done using 2.4.0 full version.  Server and all connecting client's music deleted.  Tests included main menu, entering battle, end game (via self destruct in solo game, ESC in coop game), reentering main menu.  All testing was done with all volumes at stock 100%.

TEST 1:  Solo game, with 1 connecting client.

TEST 2:  Coop game, with 1 connecting client to ship 1.  Two connecting clients to ship 2.

All worked perfectly (meaning no music and no abnormal problems or errors).  Note that while I do have back to version 2.0, I only tested this with 2.4.0 full.

Turn the music off completely using the above registry hack method OR by removing the music files.  Buy the official Artemis album (link below) and simply play the music with any media player at a low volume.

A great advantage of this option would be the ability to let you play other theme related music like an "Artemis Party Mix Tape" of what you find appropriate.


I wish to clarify that I really appreciate the music and the work done by John Robert Matz.  I've provided the above "guide" and suggestions to those that host Artemis Parties and wish to have consistent control over the music volume (and not constantly have to adjust it for each ship, each computer, etc.)

Please feel free to support the artist at:  LINK
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