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Well, we did it again; offered a four hour Artemis session for the school auction. One of the teachers plays Artemis and we arranged for him to play with five students using his classroom for the bridge. Teacher events often go for more and we definitely raised more for having him involved.

The winners were a group of fourth grade boys. Because we had the classroom, I was able to bring in my sound system and DMX lights to up the wow factor. The teacher started as Captain and with his classroom/crew management skills, he set a good tone for the kids to follow. Frankly, they were more crew-like than last year's eight graders.

The best moment was when after working up to more challenging scenarios and getting the hang of jump drive, they found themselves getting pounded by an enemy. They were desperately trying to get the engines repaired and initiate a jump as the ship's damage indicator kept getting more and more red. I was getting ready to start the next scenario, knowing it would be over soon, when at the last possible moment, the ship jumped to a safe distance. There was much cheering and high-fiving. It was really one of those satisfying moments and I wish I had caught it on video.

I have a few pics that I'll post soon.

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Aww man that would have been a cool moment to see.
Mike Substelny

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That sounds like a great experience for those kids. I am glad you were able to provide it.
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