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If you want to have some Game Mastered adventures but can't run or don't want to learn the TSN Sandbox, you are welcome to use the Armada IV Sandbox. I wrote it for use at Artemis Armada IV: The One With the Whales but I had no opportunity to use it there.

Click here to download the Armada IV Sandbox Script

Features of the Armada IV Sandbox
  • It works perfectly with stock Artemis. No changes are needed.
  • It has intuitive GM controls that are very easy to learn.
  • It is relatively lightweight and should work with all servers.
  • It allows the GM to create:
    • A number of pre-designed sectors at the click of a button.
    • Individual enemy or friendly ships.
    • Enemy Ximni ships with jump drive.
    • Space Pirates!
    • Pre-built fleets of enemy ships that behave as fleets.
    • A variety of Space Monsters to investigate or deal with.
    • Enemy captains with personalities (edit brains and elite abilities on the fly)
  • It lets the GM change the side_value of any ship. For example players can have TSN enemies or Ximni allies, or they can bribe a Space Pirate to stop marauding and help defend the sector.
  • It includes four "situations" that can be used as mini-missions (see below).
  • It intentionally allows non-carriers to pick up some fighters and bombers as singleseat reloads.

Limitations of the Armada IV Sandbox

  • It forces the players to use a ship named Artemis, though they can choose any class.
  • It is intended for a single bridge crew, though you'll probably need at least two crews cooperating to win The Inquisitor boss battle.
  • It does not include enemy space stations, so you cannot make missions to attack enemy territory.

The Mini Mission "Situations"
The first three situations can be used to train newbie crews or just to give a veteran crew a short 10-15 minute adventure. To avoid confusing newbies, these three intentionally have the Comms Officer use the regular Comms interface. The fourth situation is for killing crews that get too full of themselves. All of the situations should work in any of the pre-designed sectors with any class of player ship.
  1. Ambassador Situation is a simple, slightly challenging escort mission.
  2. Pirate Situation is a complex, more challenging escort mission.
  3. Mad Scientist Situation has the players help with a dangerous experiment gone awry. It is moderately difficult to win this situation.
  4. Inquisitor situation puts the players in an epic boss battle that they will probably lose. Still, it is a bit humorous and it gives the players some extra insight into the Kraliens.

My Intended Uses at the Armada IV Convention
(and how you might use it at a convention)
  1. I would use this script if some crew asked me to GM an adventure for them. No one did.
  2. I would use this script to train newbie crews at the convention. But there were no newbie crews at Armada IV.
  3. If Shawn became exhausted GMing the Photobooth bridge I would use this script to give him a break. In that case I would run one of the 10-15 minute mini-missions to be recorded on video. But Shawn GMed all weekend and never needed a break. No video exists.

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
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