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I'm attempting to run Artemis in a virtual machine on a Mac under VMware Fusion 11.  My OS is Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) which is up to date as of today.  I performed a fresh install of the 2.7.1 code and placed in C:\Artemis.  I've also checked DirectX with dxdiag which reports that everything is ok.  When I start the program, the initial dialog to select game resolution comes up.  As soon as I hit the button to play the game, it crashes with an "APPCRASH" error.  I've turned on my anti-virus and that makes no difference.  I've taken a screenshot which is pasted below.  Has anyone been able to run in this type of environment?  I've been able to install the 2.4 "upgrade" and that runs without any problems.
Capture.png  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I've only run Artemis on VMware Workstation, hosted on Windows though, and it worked well after loading the VMware extensions to provide DirectX support. Not sure if VMware Fusion requires that same sort of add-on to enable full DirectX or Direct3D support or not.

Now, as far as running Artemis on a Mac: I've had great results via Wine provided through PlayOnMac, available at : it doesn't require a license of Windows and runs fairly well on a 2011 MacBook Pro, with the server frame rate hitting 60+ easily. You should give it a try: it's quite smooth compared to VMware. Wine is the same basic software that runs Artemis on Linux too.tempscreenshot.jpg

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Here in Canada, Nick developed a cloud solution, we've been running games on a cloud server since January. AKA Nebula Server. It works beautifully and we host games up to four ships at a time with the teamspeak server on it. Consider reaching out to Nick if you're running into localized issues. He may have had the same issues but from a hosted service environment. 

"Nebula" is my Artemis SBS server in the cloud. Specifically, it's a bunch of scripts that can kick off an AWS or Google Cloud server running a fresh untouched Ubuntu Linux, will install WINE and a bunch of other pre-requisites, install and configure Artemis, run it, click "server", and be ready for your players to connect to within 5 minutes. You can then browse to the server and remote-control it over the web, you can connect your own VNC client, or experts can connect using only SSH - there are some commands installed to "click buttons for you".
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