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I am not getting this to work. I installed PlayonMac and then Quartz. I then downloaded the 2.7 version from Artemis website and choose to install 32-bit version inside PlayonMac.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! 

When clicking the Artemis icon inside playonMac I am getting the error (loosely translated from swedish): 

"Artemis.exe encountered a serious error and had to be terminated. [...] This was caused by errors in the program or a [lack] in Wine. 


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Since I don't have a mac this post may be stupid, but I try it anyway. [wink]

Did you load the full version of Artemis or just the updater, that required an already installed Artemis 2.0? Only the updater won't work on any machine.

Sorry, English is not my native language, I am German.
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Catalina (including WINE on Catalina) lost the ability to run 32-bit apps, which includes Artemis.exe. Me not happy.   [mad]

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I managed to get Artemis 2.7.5 (Steam version) working on macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I first tested the demo version available in the website, but it didn't work.

Currently, I am running Artemis on Wine 5.0 installed through Homebrew.

A step-by-step would be:

1. Install Homebrew from
2. Install XQuartz

brew cask install xquartz

3. Install Wine

brew cask install wine-stable

4. Install Steam, the Windows version from
5. Open Steam and buy/download Artemis
6. Have fun

I also saw that macOS Catalina doesn't support 32 bits applications and Wine is not totally compatible yet, so I would not upgrade to it yet.

Hope it helps!
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