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I'm attempting to run Artemis on a remote server (up in Amazon AWS), so that I don't have to rely on my shaky internet connection for hosting online games.

I've been able to install Artemis on the server and run it... but the "resolution picker" screen is compressed to the point that it's unusable.  See attached:


Normally, I'd either re-size the window to see everything (doesn't work) or use the tab key to navigate blindly until I found the right button to push with the enter key... but it doesn't look like there's any sort of keyboard navigation implemented.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to workarounds or how I might kick off the server to get around this screen?

Thanks in advance!


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I have this same problem.  
In my case, I have physical access to the server, but I am desiring to RDP into the server (Win 10) to start up the game (DEMO in this case).

I have found that if I manually start up the game on the server itself, it opens with the correct screen dimensions.  Then I can RDP into the server to choose options and start the game.

BUT, if for any reason the game crashes or stalls, I have to have physical access to the machine to start it up again.

Is there any way to select the screen resolution and window size automatically and skip that screen?

Is this only a problem with the DEMO, or does the licensed game also have this problem?

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Feel free to borrow some of as long as its for non-commercial purposes.
I don't recall that particular problem, BUT I do deliberately add to the bottom of artemis.ini :


... which skips that chooser altogether. I don't remember the window being squished like that, but I do just wanna skip it for faster automation.
My "nebula" scripts (Artemis cloud server, artemis, cloud, nebula, get it?) can go from a fresh untouched VM to a running Artemis server ready for players to connect in less than 3 minutes, once you're already set up for it. A few more clicks OR automatable commands and it's running a game.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, @NoseyNic

I did find another post about using TeamViewer instead of RDP, and that worked GREAT!
But I will take a look at your setup also.

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