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The question is.... Can this be done? or do I need a Windows Cloud Server?

I wish to play the game with friends from around the world, and my current system will not allow me to open the ports required, so I thought I would try hosting via a cloud server....

Thoughts please....


The Melantari


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What is a Linux Cloud Server?

To my understanding one could possibly run Artemis on linux machine via WINE emulator, but I'm not sure it would run in a headless/server mode. So, perhaps the answer depends on what is actually provided on the particular Linux Cloud Server - if there is access to some graphical session where WINE could run and open Artemis application window... then I'd speculate this might work.

Otherwise I don't know.


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I think this is what he means. I think it is impossible. It would be a great feature though

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Artemis runs natively only under Windows. Running it under linux requires an emulator.

I recently set up a Windows server on Amazon's cloud service with help from a couple of folk who have done it before. You only pay for it while it is running, so no benefit to running it in linux.

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Thank you...

All of the above is what I wanted to hear so I can build something moving forward.


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So you can't host on your PC because you can't open inbound ports? I think I have an idea for you.

If you can launch a Linux server in the cloud and connect via SSH, you're 95% of the way there.

SSH supports a feature called reverse tunneling. You could connect from your Artemis PC via SSH to the Linux server, and the Linux server would start listening on the Artemis port (2010) and pass the traffic all the way down the tunnel to your Artemis client.

Sample: follow that and use port 2010 for everything.

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