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The TSN RP usually runs with 5-6 vessels. But for the first time (since January) the RP has again broken 7 vessels. With 35 players (5 a ship) we ran a single front and double front mission, both level 10 with systems boosted. It was quite an experience watching the ships swarm across the map at the start. In both missions the skarrans were on bases in the first 20 seconds yet the fleet pulled through with zero casualties among bases, NPC's, and player vessels. All in all it was a great night in the RP. Hope to see everyone back next week to kill more nasty aliens.
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Feel so sore I missed it. Internet connection is still down and in a coffee shop now [frown]

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I feel inclined to post my screenshots here...

Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.54.19 2.jpg 
All of the different ships.

Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.56.43.jpg 
In action.

Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.56.43 2.jpg 
Circled all player ships for ease of finding. Purple ships in Purple nebula can be easy to miss.

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That was a pretty cool night. Organising all those ships was a challenge! For an idea of how it was done; I was in overall charge of all the ships. Each ship had its own captain and crew. You can see who the captains were because they had channel commander in the TSN server (the ones with orange/red dots). All ships were then paired up into battle groups, with one captain in charge of the battle group. I then instructed the captain in charge of the battle group where I wanted them to deploy their ships (giving specific grid references). Those ships would then operate in those grids, with the battle group captain deciding how to take on each fleet and giving out instructions to the other ship.  

In this shot, the Hawk and Osiris were operating in grids A1 to B3, Pegasus and Phoenix were operating in grids D1 to E3. The Mercury and Guardian were given free roam to support (as they were two scout ships), and so would range ahead to get scans, as well as fall back to delay enemies as required. The TSN Falcon is my ship in the middle and I would move it to support as necessary. With the systems we have, it is pretty straight-forward for me to designate where I want ships, and for those ships to work together to combat the enemies in the area (either attacking the same enemy at the same time, or splitting up to deal with two different, lighter fleets). It has taken some time to get to such a level of cooperation though, but the system is now pretty efficient and effective! And of course, great fun!

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Glad to see the fleet still going strong! I've been  to busy work wise to pop in on Sat for awhile now. But I am trying to get back in soon. 
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That was definitely a great experience. I really enjoy hearing all the ship-to-ship communications, and watching as two ships (or more) plow through an enemy fleet together.
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