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I have toyed with this idea for over a year now. Custom touch screen interface that makes the clutter of the traditional one unnecessary. It has 2 benefits ,one it is not effected by the screen flicker when hit and two you can make buttons bigger and take up more realestate without compromising targeting systems or other display readouts. 


So far i only have a simple one working but have learned enough about ROCCAT Power Grid to make more complex ones . I intend to make a custom weapons console first complete with loading animations for torp tubes if possible. then remove the stations cam controls and all firing mechanisms so that they are controlled via a touch screen at a 45 degree angle from the targeting monitor.

Without further adieu i give you the Charm City Fleets COMMAND CONSOLE!

It is designed to be placed within a captains chair armrest via small device. Said device can also be carried by the captain  all across the bridge. Using a single computer linked to both a weapons/helm and a data console he can control the main viewer directly and change the data screen.

(some components are still in development such as making a virtual joystick to allow the data console to be tied to an analog input once i  have this worked out ill be releasing this and likely one more console on roccats website)




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That's pretty nifty!
The Universe is a wild place.

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Very cool, Pentence! This would also make possible the "sharing" of duties and control interfaces. I.e., if you think that shields should be operated by Engineering as well, just give that operator one of these PowerGrids tied to Helm or Weapons.

Maybe a good way to use older mobile phones or tablets that no longer get a lot of use otherwise. Looks like a very forgiving minimum OS revision of ios6 & android 2.2, according the app store & play market. 

So I see there are in-app purchases. What are the limits/triggers on those?

Can you (and will you) share your cool Artemis-themed PowerGrids?


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Hi Pentence, I played around with PowerGrid about a year ago and also liked how easy it was to create customs controls - I followed the LCARS designs from Star Track for my sets. Unfortunately I faced some issues when running it on a Bridge. Sometimes it froce for me - which was not nice but something you could live with. Biggest bummer for us was that you have to have internet access to start the server. Since we run our bridge mostly in our own network we couldn't use PowerGrid. But if this is no limiting factor for you it adds nicely to the game.
Bit sad is that Roccat is not really further developing this cool tool - at least last time I checked there was no newer version available and also still no real iPad support - which would give you much more space for your controls.

@Anagram: if you want to run multiple different control sets on one app you need to buy further "slots", can't remember how many come with the free version but if you just wanna have a set e.g. for weapons your fine with the free version. And you probably need to install on each station the PowerGrid "server" if you want control sets for different stations.

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I've been looking for this to come out on the ROCCAT site for a while now.  It's sadly not there.  Can you upload it here so I can see how you did it? 

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