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Xavier Wise

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I would like to make a request that would allow the standard ship names to be renamed on a permanent basis, and the ship type to be preset.

At the moment, when the server is started all ships are set to their standard names: Artemis, Intrepid, Aegis etc. They are also set to Light Cruiser as standard too. 

In the TSN RP Community, we use specific ship names and types every week. It would be useful therefore if we could have an editable value in the artemis.ini file that allows us to set the basic ship names and select the initial ship type for Ship 1 though Ship 8. 

When the server runs, a client connects and sees this:
  • Ship 1: Artemis (set automatically to Light Cruiser, Warp Drive)
  • Ship 2: Intrepid (set automatically to Light Cruiser, Warp Drive) 

Instead, through editing values in a file such as the artemis.ini, you could rename Artemis and have it automatically set to another ship and drive type. When the server runs this time, it would therefore be preset to:
  • Ship 1: TSN Falcon (set automatically to Battleship, Warp Drive)
  • Ship 2: TSN Manticore (set automatically to Missile Cruiser, Jump Drive)

This would allow regular players to have this set up on a more permanent basis, so that the process of renaming and setting ship types is not necessary each time the server is started (or restarted after a crash).

Though I do not know the time that would need to be invested or the complexity of what I am asking, even if it were possible only to preset the ship names on a more permanent basis, that would be of great benefit.

I can also see this being used beyond our own group, and being advantageous to others including those who have bridges at conventions and shows.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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I've been thinking of some other presets that would be useful, too.

1) Automatically set Terrain, Lethal Terrain, Friendly Ships, Monsters and Anomalies, for Scenarios that use those settings.

2) Automatically set Sensor Range, Server Latency, and player/enemy system strengths. (This would be even more useful than the above, since you have to click through a secondary screen to get to them)

3) Preset difficulty level.

4) Preset a mission file to select.

5) Automatically connect to a console. (combined with fixing the ability to specify a console, and using the specified server port) This could be a command line switch instead of a artemis.ini setting. I can see custom consoles using it, as you could eliminate the keyboard.
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