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Fish Evans

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As is Artemis has a fairly fixed sensor range, the base level is determiend by the server host and there after the only dynamic is based ont he energy setting of the sensors. I would like this expanded in a few ways.

Firstly I would like to be able to vary the base level in Mission scripts, this allows the opertunity to set up various events ( a solar flare has errupted disrupting sensors and requireing the player to do grid searches)

Secondly I would like for Nebulars to have an effect on player sensor range, if an enemy is inside a nebular then the player would have to be much closer (say with in 25% of the current sensor range, sensor energy setting ajusted, Capped at a minimum of around 5000 Units) with the latteral array upgrade haveing the effect of allowing the Artemis to see through nebulars. this should not effect Allied ships or Base's, allowing comms to use the allied ships to help scout nebular and giving a minimum warning time for assaults on bases.

Thirdly I would like to see when in a nebular scan time increased for the player ship (Ideally doubly so for when also scanning an enemy in a nebular)

Fourthly I would like to see a way of determining the current scan range of the player ship - a fog of war type thing or just a ring aroudn the player ship that moves based on the current effective range. (this would not neccesrily include Bases, Allied ships and other players, but be based simply on the player and what it should see, this will help in the afformentioned grid search scenario.)

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I think everything above has been requested at least once or twice, but I agree with 100% of it. For the fog of war suggestion, my idea was to outline it with a grey circle, like the one that outlines Helm and Weapons range, but I would not be opposed to darkening or greying out the area that sensors cannot see. I was just thinking the latter would be easier for Thom to implement.

An added advantage is that it would make visible the currently existing expansion of Sensor range due to power setting.

I REALLY like the idea of not limiting range when the player ship is in a nebula, but making it take longer to scan. You don't really use smoke screens or cover (or ECM, although those are designed to not jam your own sensors)  to limit your OWN visibility, you use them to conceal your position, while still being able to see enemies OUTSIDE of the smoke screen. However, the random sensor noise from being inside a nebula could disrupt your sensors enough that it would take extra time to filter the noise out.

Obviously, if BOTH ships are in a nebula (even the same nebula) the player ship both has less range and takes longer to scan.

I think allied ships and bases SHOULD be effected, and in fact, this is consistent with how it works for the enemy. (They can see you in nebulas, but at a much closer distance) Alternately, allied ships and bases could be able to see into nebulas, but their sensor range is much, much shorter. (On the effect of 10%-25%. In Empty Epsilon allies and bases have a range of 5000. Not that I'm saying we should copy Empty Epsilon, or that Empty Epsilon is better)

I have some other ideas, but I would support this suggestion as a reasonable, logical extension of the current behavior. As I've said, the problem is that being in a nebula is an either/or thing, either you are in a nebula and LRS can't see you, or you are not in a nebula and LRS can. Following that logic, Science has to see you in a nebula or not see you, there are no other options. Reducing sensor range for ships in nebulas would present another option.

BTW, I will note that friendly ships are ALWAYS visible, whether in a nebula or not. "Fog of war" applies only to enemies. Presumably this would hold true for the above. (Not that you need to scan friendlies)
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