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Is it possible to configure a mission script to disable climb and dive? For the player's ship mainly, but ideally for all other entities as well? Either through disabling those controls or changing the "depth" of the space to limit all vertical movement. This is a permanent change I'm looking for in the script, not something I would switch back and forth in the game.
I prefer the pure 2-d game-play, and it's easier to manage the game as the GM.
Xavier Wise

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Enemies only climb and dive to match players when attacking I believe.

As for stopping climbing and diving, set up a line of code that just keeps resetting the y-axis to 0. I will try and post later when I'm on my laptop and can get the code you could use.

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Yeah, there's no way to change the size of the map, but you can just go in and reset the y coordinate to 0.

Fighters would be a far harder thing to deal with, though. They have full 3 dimensional freedom by design.
Mike Substelny

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It probably would not be necessary to constantly set a capital ship's Y coordinate to zero. Once every 5-6 seconds would probably be enough. It's also possible to change the ship's pitch so that it can do no significant climbing or diving.

Ryleyra is right. Fighters would be essentially non-functional without the Y axis. That doesn't matter much, since mission scripts can barely interact with fighters. Yes, fighters are named objects, but the script cannot control their names.

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