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So I am in the disputed Region 25 with it's 25 sectors.

I'm on ship leave and I have the merit points to go to the luxury liner.

Two guys dressed up like they were in the storm trooper wars were there drinking some kind of blue beer or something.  Sure enough, they bring up the Death Star and how it was a big conspiracy that Darth Vader got away.

They kept going on and on about some chump called "Luke Skywalker".  Whose that supposed to be?

Anyway, the storm trooper wars were a long time ago.  In a galaxy far, far away.  I'm surprised they weren't playing music from the 1980s.

Those guys didn't need a space ship for their little mental trip.  I stayed away from them.  And that blue drink.

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This is not the drink you are looking for... You will not take the drink... You will go home and tell the tale of Region 25...
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