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What happened to the recycle tubes key presses?
I now have a 1.7 weapons console with 4 useless buttons. However the controls ini says that i have key presses available usinf 7 8 9 and 0???
What can I do to bring back these commands?

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No one knows why the Cycle Torp keypress commands no longer work. They apparently stopped working in Artemis 2.1. Keys 1-4 select the torpedo types, and Shift-1-4 load the tube when it is empty and fire when it is full.

As a workaround, you may be able to simulate mouse clicks on the screen with certain software. More information can be found here:

Personally I think there should be two sets of commands depending on whether you want the new or the old interface:

READY_TORP_TUBE_<x> (load and fire) and UNLOAD_TORP_TUBE_<x> for the new way

CYCLE_TORP_TUBE_<x> (load and unload) and FIRE_TORP_TUBE_<x> for the old way

But I'll settle for CYCLE_TORP_TUBE just unloading a tube.

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