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I don't mind the hijacking. [biggrin]

How I do this now is I have a separate version of the script for each episode, with the universe code (growing every time) and GM controls, plus a mission specific part that I edit out for the next version - so I do a bit of both, GMing and scripting. Still finding my style. I am not quite ready to share the script yet (I am shy that way), but I suspect that will come. I have not thought of videos, but I know one of the guys who plays has the capability, so I could ask them. 

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Copying from my message to players: 

"My server is having network issues with Artemis.

What we know for sure: sometimes, but not always, when the simulation runs and players from outside of our LAN connect, ping times go crazy (up to 200 ms from normal 10 or so) and we experience packet loss up to 8.5 %. 

Speculation: This seems to happen more often when there is a lot of stuff on the map. It happens pretty much always with my script (loads of asteroids and stuff in Kamet) and almost always on a random mission with field features turned on high. Creating a preset mission with nothing on the field but stations, Artemis and the hostiles seems to prevent it (and make for very boring games). The acting up looks like the internet just gets swamped by heavy traffic.

Other observations:
- there is a router of our ISP on the way with very minor packet loss issues (up to 2 % with no or minimal impact on average ping) even under normal circumstances
- bizarrely, which players are affected by lag caused by this seem to be deterministic, but not tied to location (A pretty much always gets it, but B very rarely, even though they are in the same apartment)
- we used to play on the same fields without problems four weeks ago

- since I can see the issue from a network analysis tool, I will next try constructing a test environment where I connect my laptop via my phone, faking an outside connection
- no new sessions will be scheduled before I figure this out; as is the game is unplayable
- might as well report the router with issues to the ISP; I'd say it's unlikely that's the cause, but maybe they want to know anyhow

Thanks to the test crew today."

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Hope you fix the problem. If theres anything I can do to help (like testing) let me know. I also hope you get a video up as that would be so cool. 
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