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Those of you producing these video reports of your missions:
  • What software do you recommend for recording screencasts?
  • What do you use to assemble multiple videos into a single video?

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Me, I use Open Broadcasting Software, which lets you capture multiple parts of the screen at the same time. In essense, I'm not adding multiple videos into one, I just record it with the multiple videos right off the bat. Any streaming software tends to let you do screen region capture pretty easily, be it Xsplit or OBS (the main two), but OBS has the bonus of being 100% free. The thing to note though, is as is with all streaming software, you'd need to set it to file output only mode. If you want, I can show you how to set it all up sometime!
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If you have a budget and a ton of hard drive space, Fraps from will get you near pixel-perfect captures. The files are huge. However, if you use the loop buffer mode carefully and capture only "important" parts, you can save a lot of space.

I've used Sony Vegas Studio Platinum (Home edition) for a ton of video editing projects; it's fast, exports direct to YouTube or a pile of other formats, and chews through video like crazy. 

Both of these have free trial versions.

Sony Vegas Studio :

I have also started testing Open Broadcaster. It's quite feature-rich, and can write to local files for later editing. Still need to practice some more with it, though.

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