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My wife has requested some new Artemis missions that are not the standard "go there, shoot up the bad guys, go somewhere else, shoot more bad guys". Ideally, we are looking for missions that have puzzles to solve, unique objectives, or other out-of-the-box approaches to this game.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations?

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I posted an Easter Egg Hunt script a few months ago. Still looking for someone to give it a whirl.

HaydenBarca's Rescue Mission script:

From Armada IV, ayou could try "A Whale of a Good Time":

Or my Medusa's Maze script:

Or Admiral Legasse's Jewel Heist:

Xansta's Christmas-Themed Mission, "What the Dickens":

And he has another mission, "Binary System":


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In addition to Darrin's recommendations which I have enjoyed playing.

I wrote about a self generated mission engine that creates differently scenarios. Piloting the idea of random missions that a crew may get when they launch. Only knowing they'e suppose to be involved in a environmental/science mission. 

The idea here is to clean the sector help save the whales by collecting the dead beacons, destroying the derelicts and detonate any unused mines. You will start in the Euphini Expanse. When you start up the Artemis server, select Scripted Mission, and scroll through until you find the mission titled "tsnartemisca".
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