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I have written a dozen missions by now, and my need for making something new keeps pushing me, the scripting possibilities and my imagination to the limit. 

I am running low on reasons for enemies to attack Artemis. I have had:
  • invading forces
  • enemy patrol
  • pirats
  • mad robots
  • cthullhu'esk ancient monsters
  • walehunters
  • the sore lossers of a space-dragrase 

Do you have any other story credible enemies? 
Mike Substelny

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Artemis is generally a war game, so the main reason to attack is "the Admiral ordered us to attack our enemies."

It doesn't need to be invading forces. It can be a staged battle. Or the players could be the attackers.

If you want more ideas consult old war movies and TV shows.

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
Mike Substelny

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Also remember that the canon has built into it various reasons for all of the alien races to go to war with any of the others at any time. You could use one of these, for the example the Kralien high priests might send a fleet to "collect the rent" from the humans. Or the Arvonian supercomputer might decide the humans would be better off under its benevolent control and send a fleet to conquer them for their own good.
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
Xavier Wise

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Ambush on a supply run
Neutralising strategic assets e.g a station by a jump point
Expanding borders into neutral space
Protecting neutral or USFP ally
Capturing weapons e.g. top secret experimental weapon
Tracking down illegal smuggling operations
Peace deals gone wrong
Undercover intel ops
Breaking through a blockade
Rescuing prisoners

These are some that have featured in GM missions in the TSN RP Community amongst others. Players could play either side too, e.g. they could do the rescuing or try and stop the rescuing of prisoners.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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Also: historical accounts (and/or legends and/or mythologies) of large empires/kingdoms such as Greece, Rome, England, France, Egypt, etc. With these you should be able to find very summarized accounts as well as detailed information. Adapting the situations and personalities to a different setting might be fun and is certainly something with a long tradition in literature already.

Kind of a variation on Mike's suggestion, really, but a different set of direct sources and textures.

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Artemis is first and foremost a combat game, but the beauty of the scripting system is that it allows you to tell stories that AREN'T combat intensive. Some time ago, I came up with a set of mission ideas for Earth and Beyond that were more exploration than combat oriented, based on common plots from Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. While my idea was to minimize combat, you could actually add enemy ships as a complication to the plot:

1) Charting/Investigating Stellar Phenomena

There is already a mission like this, "The Waning Dark", where you have to explore nebulas, and various things happen to the ship. You could expand on the idea to have more enemies attack, or even have a standoff, where a Arvonian or Torgoth ship is trailing you while you investigate, and will try to steal your discovery or beat you to it.

2) Planetwide Disaster

My original idea was to stop an asteroid about to slam into a planet, or stop a sun from going nova. (or evacuate the planet) But what if enemy forces are behind the disaster, and as soon as you discover them, they attack?

3) Encounters with Alien Technology

Unfortunately, you can't add new "first contact" races to Artemis without changing vesselData. But you could encounter a probe or a space anomaly of some sort that was sent by an unknown race from across the galaxy. Known enemy types could also be investigating, as in 1) above. Use a Generic Mesh to place a wreck, fuel pod, or even a black hole on the map and have the crew interact with it.

4) Space Rescue

One mission type I don't see often enough is either a rescue of a friendly ship being attacked by enemies, or an escort of a friendly ship. You'd think it would be easy enough to script that we would see a lot of it, but the only one I can thing of offhand is the last mission of my "Shakedown Cruise", and Mike's original version of that tutorial.

As an alternative, maybe the ship has to be evacuated once the enemies are run off, or it could be a trap, and the disabled ship suddenly activates and attacks.

5) Disease

Similar to 2) above, you have a plague infesting a planet, starbase or ship and have to find a cure. You have to run around looking for things to put together to make a cure. Again, an enemy could have introduced this plague, or may interfere with your search just to be mean.

6) Infiltration

A great example of this is the Canonical Battle from Artemis Armada 1, "Operation Ocelot". The Artemis had to infiltrate an enemy sector while posing as the enemy, getting past several obstacles without alerting the enemy ships to their presence. This is a great example of a non-combat mission which still has plenty of tension and conflict. And of course, if the mission fails, (or once the crew achieve their mission and try to make a break for it) there can be a LOT of combat. [smile]

7) Mystery

My thought here was more of a mystery to be solved that takes place ON the ship or a planet, but it could also be played as a clue hunt across the sector, like the disease scenario in 5) possibly set off by finding an abandoned ship. Naturally enemies can be involved.

8) Time Warp/Alternate Reality

As with 3), your ability to create truly unique things is limited by the vesselData file. A ship from the past would have to be a TSN, Kralien, or one of the other races. However, you could build such a story from the dialog, and you could even use the Star Trek cliché of having the time warp change the present, altering the crew's current state until they fix whatever problem in time appeared. An alternate reality where the Ximni are the enemy or the Kraliens have taken over and enslaved the human race could result. (The latter meaning the crew will have to fight TSN ships)

It would be really cool if you could have the PLAYERS' ship changed by the time warp, but unfortunately I don't think it's possible to do that. You might be able to change its abilities and loadout, though, making it suddenly on its last legs and in need of repair because its crew is on the run and has no starbases to refuel.

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