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How do you connect the computers after you purchase the software?
Will it be a LAN setup or played via the Internet?

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Generally Lan, though it is also possible to play online. there are several online groups that meet weekly. The TSN, Eastern front and USN all meet on different days of the week for instance.

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You need to run Artemis on your main server computer - this is the one connected to your TV, Projector, or whatever else everyone can see.

Once you do that, the Server will display an IP address - that's the address all the clients need to use to connect.  It works over LAN or internet, since it's IP based.

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Over the internet,you need the external IP of the computer that is running the server to connect to it. The server will only display the local IP of the computer. It is pretty strightforward to find your external IP, just google 'my IP' and it will come up top of the list.

You also need to open up the port 2010 to allow connection. Google 'port forwarding' for info on how to do it if you need to.

As mentioned, there are several groups which use this method and usually already have people set up ready to host. We have a couple of people with good connections who host the server in the TSN RP Community. There are alot of people in those groups too who are really clued up on stuff so can help you over TS to connect to internet games.

Over Lan, it is as simple as connecting to the network and typing in the local IP address from the server. You can also type 'localhost' in the address box and that should connect you too. It is how I connect to a local server to test my mission scripts for example.

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