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I recently found out that theres an "Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator 6-Pack" on Steam. Just wanted to know how this works. If I buy the game, can I effectively give the game to 5 other friends on Steam? Wanna make sure this is how it works since my friends are interested in buying but if we get to 6 people, we might be able to save a bit.

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Yep, it's basically a license for a full bridge crew. I believe you're able to send the individual copies of the game and its license to your friends through Steam.

There are three main differences between this and the bridge license on the Artemis web site:

1) The bridge license is not assigned to individual players. If members of your crew come and go, the bridge license covers anyone who wants to play, as long as you don't have more one ship. (with a maximum of six crew, plus fighters)

2) The bridge license lets you have any number of CONSOLES, as long as you don't have more than six PLAYERS. In other words, you can bring up additional copies of the program with the Captain's Map, a TAC screen or an Observer display without having to pay extra for them. This is particularly important for custom bridges, which often use the extra screens for atmosphere.

3) As noted above, the bridge license includes up to six additional consoles for your fighters, as long as they are all on the same ship. On Steam, you'd have to buy another 6-pack. Of course, in most cases you won't need that many fighters, and can make do with a couple of single licenses.

I'll also add that while I have never bought the Steam version myself, I have used the tablet versions, which cost extra. And I'd say I like the flexibility it gives you to add an extra ship to the base bridge license. Both licensing strategies give you different advantages as a user, and they work well together if you want to buy both.

Of course, the above assumes that the Steam license lets you create any number of ships, as long as each player has his own license. I haven't heard anything to contradict that.
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