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I am relatively new here, but I  have a bridge in Phoenix AZ.  You all  have some good stuff here posted for read and support, and are  well of knowledge in this. I myself am starting off this on endeavor (still proverbially wet behind the ears with Artemis).  This question I have is for the developer, and for all of us.  For the developer would you  consider  starting a Patreon.  And for the people out here, would you be willing to put up  something if we had a patreon group for the game.   Just like with normal patreon,  the rewords would be based off the amount the person is paying a month. Is there anyone else out there who would be willing to join the patreon support him monthly in return for whatever reward tier that is there for the support?
If you are thinking, I would be glad to help you brainstorm the tiers of support, and offer ideas.  as well as others in the group as well.
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I like this idea. Thom continues to work hard to support the game and build new features all the time. I promote the game to new players, but the licenses for my own copies are quite old at this point.

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I dont know if this has even been discussed as an option for Thom,  But he created Artemis, and  continues to support it by patching and making it better.  Does he have to (that is up for him to decide) at what point does he say its done. Or at what point he says I am done with Artemis, Now i am working on Artemis 2)  But anyhow, what would be cool if if the patreon  somehow could give him a financial reward, or incentive or support to make a great game even better. And as a Patreon supporter, heck they get to get a ship named after them,  A Star system named after them, or even a space mine (the Freeman Mk2 space mine for example)  either way that is just some kind of incentive for people to want to support the Patreon for this game. I am just wanting to bring an option to light maybe we can bring something that will may make a great thing even better.   Other developers are doing  it becuuse there are people who play and believe in the game or games they are putting out or making  better.   Has this been considered with Artemis and the support for it ?

this guy you would just have to guestimate the math   

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There is a sort of secret private newsletter sent out by C.H.A.R.L.E.E., an A.I. that is trapped on Thom's hard drive that watches everything Thom does. I am a member of the Friends of C.H.A.R.L.E.E. club, and in the last edition he mentioned how friends could subscribe:

"If yer pal wants to join the "Friends of CHARLEE" club, have them email ( with the subject SUBSCRIBE or JOIN or LET ME IN YOU STUPID ROBOT. same deal."

In the latest newsletter he mentioned that Thom is working on an Artemis facemaker dress up game and included a link for downloading the prototype game. It also talked about all the other projects Thom is working on.

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I will say, with embarrassment that comes of knowing you should do more, that for a while I've been thinking that this is something that I should be paying money to on a more regular basis.

I've, also, been playing since way back in the V1 days. When V2 came out, I bought a second license, just because I felt like I'd gotten so much out of the game already.

But at this point, SBS_2 was about 6 years ago.

There are many things that the internet age has made "free" by the sheer fact that it's available and it's easy to not pay. And Thom has been an absolute rockstar by making the game (I'm assuming) essentially for free, if not at a loss, and having the whole thing wide open for usage by the community.

As far as Patreon goes, I think that it's very good for micro financing in a way that is a little more painless for patrons and in line with how we have been trained to pay for expensive stuff. I would not have rewards beyond the license that comes from being a supporter. It is more than worth the cost of admission, period.

To be completely fair, I think that patreon should be used (Bridge Tools should be in there too, BTW) and Thom should be charging for the version updates. Bill Gates did with all his OS, even when they didn't work.

I know it's tough to ask for money from people and as I lead off, I'm embarrassed to not have given any more than what was asked of me, but I also know what I've spent on equipment, bridge supplies, party concessions, etc, etc, etc... and it's a lot of fracking money.

Maybe it really is time to start talking about how the community could be more responsible with it's involvement in the on going project.

I'm open to thoughts.

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I am totally with you, I don't know Patreon and I don't know if I will (be allowed to [wink] ) spend money. But I would consider it.

I am excitedly (is this a real word?) waiting for a newer version of the game. And I will pay (gladly) for Version 3.0 as I paid for 1.0 and 2.0.

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