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Okay, so I am pretty sure I am too clumsy to get this thing to work. That's why I hope you guys may help me.

I tried to set up artemis for the very first time, so my brother and I could test it. As we live in different places we had to connect online. I set up a server and told my brother to connect by telling him my IP, but it dodn't work. After that he set up a server and I tried to connect to his game which didn't work either. I thought our ports may be blocked, but that wasn't the case.
After all that trying we just switched on Hamachi and it worked just fine.

My question now is: did we do anything wrong in all that trying? I know there must be a possibility to connect via Internet on a normal way, but I just can't seem to find out how.

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you need to open up the artemis port (I believe its 2010), in your router, and forward it to the machine running the server.  then you should be able to connect

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Another common issue is people dont use their external IP. Go to google and type in "IP" and tell your brother that. In order to connect to your own server, type in the IP Artemis says itself.
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This will walk you through a way to test without pestering your brother.

Visit us at

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Can the mobile versions (IOS/Android) connect to a PC game online?

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the direct answer is yes..... BUT you must be running same version as app (2.4) not current PC version (2.7.1). an depending upon your IOS/Android device graphics. I'd only use it for COMMs or ENG.
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