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Can any of you DMX experts answer a question for me. Will the DMX signal be strong enough to operate 40 3 channel dumb RGB controllers? they will be about 10 to 15 feet apart. All on the same channels. The controllers don't have an DMX in and out. So they will be parallel. 


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That's tricky - are you saying all 40 will be within 10-15' of the computer? Or each one will be 10-15' apart?

In either case, it should be OK. DMX is designed for serial, not parallel, but the DMX IN/DMX OUT on most devices is just a pass through wire, there's no signal conditioning or boosting. RS-485 is designed for long runs of cable, so theoretically it should be fine. Your setup may actually require the terminating resistor that the DMX spec calls for - a lot of smaller runs can get away without it, but you may have a lot of noise introduced that needs the resistor to ground it out.

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