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Hey all,

I had been wanting to get in on this game for a while now and I finally did. Loving it even though it's difficult getting friends together to play. Now I'm working on designing my own consoles and I had a question.

I was looking over controls.ini to see what buttons and such had control over what as part of my planning. I had an idea to include controls for the Jump Drive for those times I wanted to use it instead of warp. I didn't see buttons/controls to advance the dials for the distance and direction dials on the screen, only the tab and jump controls. Am I missing a control option?

I was hoping to use an arcade spinner/dial to raise/lower both values before pressing the button to jump but if they aren't there then I'll have to put in a number pad or something to replace it.

Anyone know if I'm just missing something or if I'll have to scrap my dial idea?


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I don't know of any way to do a knob for direction or distance. The only input I am aware of is to use a keypad to enter the numbers. To get it to work you would basically have to rig a rotary dial to input numbers into a field.
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