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With some good luck in a refurb gear auction I've found myself with three LCD projectors, and am considering setting up a more immersive Artemis space with them.

I already have PCs and screens for the consoles, so it seems like a good way to use the projectors would be to take a cue from the flight simulator builders and have Front, Left and Right "windows", showing the view forward and to each side of the ship.

The game engine is capable of this because the main viewscreen can be changed to show cam front, left, right or back. But only one at a time. The "observer" station is also pretty close to what's needed, but it changes its view cinematically, I don't think it can be frozen on one point of view.

Wondering if anyone can think of a way to achieve this.




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Example of this from a flight simulator (looking at this also makes me realize: this would be awesome for fighters!)



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There used to be a 3rd-party program that did this for you, however it hasn't been updated for aaaaaaaaages, Last I checked it was still on protocol version 2.0 or something.

How are your programming skills?
Write something that listens on a socket as a fake/proxy server, probably on a different port not 2010
When it gets a connection, connect to the real server (probably on 2010) and pass DEADBEEF packets back and forth cleanly between client and server

EXCEPT packets of type 0x80803df9 "PlayerShip", You'll unfortunately need to parse the messy bitfield stuff, and IF Field 4.4 "Main Screen View" is present, change the corresponding byte to the Port / Starboard values from

Not sure whether you also want to filter PerspectivePacket Type: 0xf754c8fe:0x12 - Might look odd if you don't, might look even odder if you do. Probably make it optional?

Then modify artemis.ini on the clients for those projectors, change networkPort=2010 to instead point at the ports you chose for your fake server / proxy.

... and enjoy!

Sorry you asked?   [rolleyes] [smile]

I *MIGHT* be talked into writing this hypothetical proxy, but not in the next week or so, and it's likely to be written in Perl, tested on Linux, good chance it will run on Windows Perl but I'm not likely to be able to help with installing, and debugging might be tricky.

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Come to think of it, Starry already has a proxy, written in LUA if I recall right, can be compiled for Linux OR Windows, doesn't do the above "Main Screen View" filter / modification as far as I know, does a bunch of other things, but you might be able to talk him into adding it as a feature request?   [idea]
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I made a node.js program that can do this, however I haven't worked on it for some time now so not sure if it works with the most current version of Artemis. (Last updated was in 2017)

Give it a try and if it doesn't work, let me know and I will fix it. You can get it here:

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If you get a modern GPU supporting AMD Eyefinity or nVidia Surround, you can chain all 3 projectors into a single server. I've done this with Elite Dangerous, running it across 3 monitors at 1080p each.

Once configured, these technologies create what games think is a single 5760x1080 monitor. I've run Artemis like this just for testing, and it worked.

I don't have a recording of Artemis like that, but here's what it does for Elite Dangerous:

Visit us at

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Yep, that was going to be my suggestion. Run a Mainscreen that is 3 times the width of standard resolution, and it will automatically extend the arc of view to cover the left and right sides. All you have to do is angle your left and right screens, or "bend" your mainscreen into an arc. (i.e. with a projector) IIRC, Artemis is designed to do this automatically, there is no need for special add-ons.

The only catch is that you have to hold the vertical resolution constant. 2400x600, 3072x786, or 5760x1080, any such resolution will give you the result you want.

Somewhere around here, I think I did the calculations involved, and figured out at what point you would be able to see the view behind the ship. 😃

By the way, here's the link for Mainscreen View Manager/MVM here on the forum: As noted, it is somewhat out of date so it may no longer work.

Also, here's my post on the calculations: My conclusion was 3 5:3 or 16:9 monitors side by side would cover somewhere between 180 and 210 degrees in an arc in front of the ship. So you can clearly use those monitors as left, center and right, although the transition at the edges of the monitors might require some creative angling.


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OK, Interesting that Artemis has been designed to treat an ultrawide front cam view as a "panorama" instead of simply a front view that extends further to each side. That makes this considerably easier! In some ways the proxy approach is possibly still preferable though, especially since it's easy for several stations to click the wrong thing and change the main-screen view in a way that would mess up immersion. So, I'll experiment with both approaches. 

Thank you everyone for their replies! I'm headed away from home for a few days now so earliest I'd be able to experiment with this would be first week of November, I'll post again with some results.

(It seems to me that someday we should request that this be incorporated into the "observer" station in the main program: it can do the cinematic thing it does now by default, but it could also have the same control pad on it as the main screen view, to lock the view to one specific perspective. This would be useful for bridge builders, but also for streamers!)

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