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Does anyone have and tips or experience in various brightness levels for projectors? I'm looking to pick up a second hand short throw projector, but am wondering how various lumen levels will look under different lighting conditions. Such as a living room, with curtains drawn and lights off but mid day. A store under normal fluorescent lighting, etc. I've got a 2700 lumen normal throw that works well even under lighting for the most part. Full daylight outside is a stretch and hard to see but indoors in the local gaming shop is fine, even with the lights on. 

I'm wondering what 200 lumens might be like. A lot of the more affordable short throws seem to be around there. I'm hoping to get at least a 5-6 foot diagonal at no more than 3'. I've found a couple that will fit the bill, but I'm concerned about their brightness levels.

Anybody have any thoughts on it?


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200 lumens would require a pretty dark room to look decent. I have a 3000 lumens projector is a slightly darkened room and it looks good. It can get washed out, with too much ambient light though or if curtains are open.  

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Ah, I forgot to update everyone, ended up finding an NEC M-300XS on eBay for not a cray price. Think I paid $125 for it. 3000 Lumens, and not sure what the ratio is, but I got a 100" 16:9 @ 3.5 feet, so thats pretty solid, and more or less exactly what I needed. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find anything over 2500 for the low prices I was looking for. This one was more than I wanted to spend, but really hit my sweet spot for specs. Also has HDMI and VGA inputs, so that gives me decent flexibility on server choices without potentially needed a bucket of adapters.

The previous projector I used was 2700 and looked good in most environments other than outside in the middle of the day. Even in the local game store at night but with all the overhead lights on, it looked good even just projected on the wall, so I think I'm going to be very happy with what I've got.

My total investment to make the bridge convention ready for pay is getting up there - especially after adding in flight suits for my event crew, and this projector. Hoping to pull in $500 minimum on ticket sales. Not a clue what to expect at this point. Artemis has never been to TotalCon before, even with other folks, so we'll see. I think event pre-reg opens up in January, so I'll have at least a preliminary look then.

Have a few bugs in my lighting hardware right now, that seem new, so thats frustrating, but my experiments on adding these in have looked very nice so far: 

As an aside, I'm hoping that things go well enough that I'll be able to book a couple of private gigs as a result of the con!


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I use projectors for Halloween displays and outdoor movies and have used them with Artemis on occasion. You might get decent results with a 2000-2700 lumen projector, but 3000 lumens or more would probably be desirable. It also depends on how large a screen you are projecting to and the quality of the screen. A larger image needs more lumens. If you have a good screen that reflects more light back to the audience, you could use a less bright projector. If you are projecting onto the average painted wall or bed sheet, you'll need a brighter projector.

It will help if you can control the ambient lighting in the space. If you can't switch off the lights over your play area (e.g. one switch controls everything), see if they'll let you remove some lamps from the fixtures.

I do recommend getting a short-throw or ultra-short-throw if it will do what you want and you are able. They are great for positioning close to the screen and away from players that might walk in front or bump the table it's on.

I've read that the lumen specs for projectors can be inconsistent between manufacturers and testing procedures. Also, if you get one with an aftermarket knock-off replacement lamp, it might not be as bright (but might be acceptable). So test drive and compare if you can before you buy.

---saw your second post just after I hit reply [wink]

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