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I spent some time looking through various resources online and otherwise and couldn't find a reference on how to preconfigure the server name. Is there a way to do that, or do I need to reconfigure the name each time I restart the server?


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The server name, sent in the broadcast messages and appearing on client "connect to..." screens, seems to be the username of the logged in user.

Ship names (as per subject) I configure by connecting a fake client which sorta selects each ship's helm in turn and types their names, can also configure shuttles/fighters. Here are 3 examples, for the Eastern Front ships, TSN Canadian Fleet, or the TSN Roleplaying ships:
These in turn need my perl library of Artemis functions / protocol parser:
... which in turn needs Perl, which is standard on all Linux / most Unix systems, downloadable for Windows as part of CygWin, or from

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Great suggestion there. I remember I had some luck with setting ship names when I was trying to automate the connection to the War Server. Those scripts should do the trick.

There has been some discussion of including lines in the artemis.ini file, or even a new configuration file, which will allow ship names to be predefined. Or rather, redefined, since Artemis, Intrepid and so on seem to be hardcoded. Server names should not be that much more difficult. I'll note the name chosen does seem somewhat arbitrary, although I agree it usually appears to be the logged in user's name.

The name does seem to be only for recognition purposes, since AFAIK it doesn't matter if the same user is logged into to other computers. The clients are still connecting to the server by IP address. It's just easier to select an auto-recognized server instead of trying to type in a string of numbers.
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