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Hey everyone,

On some of my machines that I set up as servers, I get a really bad pounding noise. from the game sound. I am guessing it is the engines or something, but the power is overwhelming and we end up having to turn off game sound completely. I also don't seem to get it on every machine. Any ideas?

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Might check your sound card's EQ and effects settings and levels on your powered speakers, perhaps is a bass boost enabled some where. Given it isn't every machine it kind of points to a sound setting adjustment. There is a very low frequency 'rumble' background sound. It adds to the immersion but by default isn't that overwhelming.

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It seems to be on either mainscreen or helm. I haven't really experienced it on other consoles. It is a known issue, but it isn't a HUGE deal, least not as big as, say, the player ship detonating upon docking or something (not an actual issue, just used for figurative speech purposes). A general way I've been able to fix that is to either not select my console until everyone has their positions decided and we are about to begin or to start the server and pause it then wait for everyone to get in and connected.
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