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Is it possible boost player weapon damage for a single ship?  I know you can alter Player Weapon Power for all players, but wasn't sure if there is an object property that could be set for a single player ship.

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You can hand them a Tauron Focuser (drop the anomaly on top of the ship) or override their power setting. Outside of that, I don't know of any other method, and you'll have to deal with heat. (You can temporarily give them more coolant and take it away when the boost ends)

It would be nice if you could adjust the stats of a weapon in a script, but due to how the vesselData is laid out, you'd have to access a ship, and then the beams on the ship, and then finally the stats on that beam "object". Even more complicated would be the idea of adding a weapon to a ship. It sounds good, but you'd probably want to use a mod for that.


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I feel a consuming urge to ask, so.....   Why? 
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For online RPG-style play I'm creating character special abilities, such as:
  • Overcharge Shields: Increase the maximum shields on the ship by 20% for 5 minutes after which they receive some damage.
  • Into the Red: Increase top speed by 20% for 5 minutes, after which top speed is reduced 30% below normal for 5 minutes while it cools down.
  • Medic: Leave your console for 3 minutes and heal an injured Damage Control team member.
These would all be GM-mediated so the player would tell me they're using an ability and I would activate the GM script button.  Most things can be altered mid-game, but I couldn't see a way to do for beams what we can do for shields (for instance).  I'm trying to come up with different abilities like the last one that I'm calling AFK Abilities.  So the player can go get a drink, but the game can continue by the character explaining "I'm going to head to the Warp drive to give the DamCom Teams a hand." and get some benefit from it.
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