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Next weekend I am planning to run an Artemis session as part of my birthday celebration. However port forwarding has been incredibly frustrating. I am confident that the issue is somewhere on my computer or in the port forwarding settings. I only have 1 router in my house to my knowledge (at least on the network I am using).

The laptop I am trying to run as the server has McAfee LiveSafe, which necessitates an exception rule. In addition I added a rule in windows firewall as well just to be safe.

My house has fios, so my port forwarding settings are inputted through the fiosgateway service. I have uploaded setting pictures for each step listed above.

Any advice on how to resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated. Windows Firewall.jpg  Myfiosgateway.jpg  ShieldsUp.jpg 


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After troubleshooting it with a friend I have tried it on a different PC without McAfee and I managed to get it working by turning the windows firewall off. The issue seems to be with my exception rules.

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Issue has been solved thankfully.

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Ursa3142: ugh, totally sympathize with you on this! I've seen this same thing happen!

Just throwing this out there for anyone who stumbles upon this thread. 

Your Internet firewall/router are the main line of defense from any unsolicited inbound Internet-based attack.

A second software firewall (Windows Firewall, Mcafee LiveSafe, etc) running on the local PC will can prevent abuse from other machines on your home LAN--such as crypto-malware which infects one PC and starts trying to find network shared drives and so on to spread.

But when it comes to game hosting, it has been my experience that turning off PC based software firewalls while debugging solves MANY issues.

One trick I discovered for the Windows Firewall: on each update to Artemis, at first launch Windows will pop up a dialog box asking if you want to allow Artemis.exe through the firewall. HOWEVER, you may not see this dialog if Artemis launches in Fullscreen mode. Launching in Windowed or Borderless mode permits the dialog box to appear more reliabily.

By default the Windows firewall dialog asks if you want to let the program talk on the local network only, and does NOT open the firewall to Internet hosted game. Make sure you permit both LAN and External/Internet connections. This dialog only appears once, each time you update Artemis.exe or move it to a new folder. Your response to the dialog creates a Windows Firewall rule for the entire EXE file, not just a single port, which may be more effective.

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