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I have been able to run Artemis in separate user accounts in Windows 10 Enterprise. I then connect to each user account with Raspberry Pi 3s using rdesktop. This works very well for a full bridge. This allows me to use one PC and five Raspberry Pis to have a fully running bridge. 

The problem is that the screen size selection window that appears when Artemis is first started over an RDP session does not render correctly and is unusable (this has been noted by others). So I first have to log in as each user on the PC and start Artemis. Then I connect to the user accounts with the Raspberry Pis. As long as Artemis was started before the RDP session is started then all works well.

This is time consuming to get all the software going. First I have to run Artemis in each user account on the PC and then start each Raspberry Pi. If the screen size window worked over RDP then this would not be a problem OR if the screen size could be set through the command line this would not be a problem.

I would like to request that command line options be created to allow the screen size, fullscreen state, server address, and station types to be specified. This would allow easy connection of the remote Raspberry Pis. This would allow a bridge to go live quickly and easily.

Some have stated that RDP does not work with Artemis. I have found that it works fine. All stations are responsive and I have had no problems. I play the main screen from the PC to a 1920x1080 display. The Raspberry Pis are connected to 1920x1080 displays. The PC and Raspberry Pis are connected with wired 1G Ethernet. No lag. Keyboard and mouse work like normal. I have not yet had luck with joystick support or sound, but this is not necessary.

Perhaps some of the information in this post would be good elsewhere on the forum, but I am requesting development to make Artemis more easily used over RDP.


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This sounds like a great idea. The configuration settings could also be set in artemis.ini, instead of on the command line. However, the relevant point is the idea of bypassing the resolution select screen.

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Very clever and interesting, davidvarnold! Would you also post stats and configuration on the Windows 10 server? I am surprised that all those graphically intensive processes + network results in low/no lag. 
Also, the Rasberry Pis are running RASPbian? or Windows 10 IoT Core? If the former, which RDP client?


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WOW! I would have never thought standard RDP could handle gaming graphics fast enough to make this realistic!

So Windows 10 Enterprise client supports single-station multi-user? Hmm...

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I would also like to see command line options for all those things.
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