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First, I should apologize if this has been addressed in 2.0--I have not had the opportunity to test it in a situation where we could field multiple ships. This was all in the context of 1.7x.

I had an Artemis party yesterday where we wanted to play two different kinds of ships--a dreadnought and a scout. The concept being to play a game with severely limited sensor range and have the scout find/scan/harass enemies while the dreadnought lumbered over. 

The only problem was that every time one ship's helm would attempt to change its ship type, it would change for both. I couldn't find any way of having the two ships be two different kinds. 

It seems like this would be a relatively simple feature to implement that would open up a lot in terms of game play. 

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Honestly, this hasn't been a problem for most, as far as I know.  We've played a number of multi-bridge games where we had a variety of ships, both in 1.7 and 2.0.  Did your helms officer have the right ship selected?  Did you have multiple clients open on a single machine?
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I had this bug as well in 1.7, with the game already started the first ship Artemis was running as a dreadnaught.  I tried joining it as helm on the second ship, and tried changing it to a scout ship.  Next thing we knew the weapons systems stopped working properly on Artemis and the buttons for the torpedo tubes started disappearing.  It was as if I changed the first ship when I joined with the second.

Perhaps one has to wait until the ships are chosen before starting the simulation? That or maybe there's an errant intermittent bug in the game

*edit: update: I just tried the same scenario in 2.0, didn't experience the issue.  Hopefully this random bug is fixed or gone [smile]

*edit 2: update: no, there is a bug.   I just ended the simulation, closed all the clients (but not the server), then restarted the simulation.  All the original ship choices remained the same.  First ship stayed the light cruiser, the next two ships stayed as scouts even though it is distinctly chosen as "battleship" on them.  

The second and third ship did join after I started the simulation.  Going to experiment some more to see if joining them before it starts renders a different result

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For bonus points, try switching some to warp and others to jump.  You'll confuse the hell out of the server.
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