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One of the ways I design LARPs is to flip the tables and look at the experience of each player (rather than the overarching plot) to make sure each player has something interesting to do.  As you all well know in Artemis some positions, depending on the focus of the action, can have a lack of content in the mission.

To help myself I put together a list of things each section can do in the game (specifically the code of Artemis, as opposed to out-of-app LARPy stuff).  That way if I see a script with a lack of content in, say, Comms, I can look down the Comms list and add some interesting choices.  Here's what I have so far and I'd be interested to see if the more experienced folks have anything to add.

Things To Do
  • Helm
    • Navigate around the map
    • Navigate through asteroids or mines
    • Aim Probes
    • Combat maneuvers
    • Pick up anomalies/upgrades
    • Dock with stations
    • Manage Shields
  • Weapons
    • Combat
      • Manage torpedo tubes
      • Change beam frequencies
    • Tag Monsters
    • Beacon Monsters
    • Launch Probes
    • Manage Shields
    • Convert torpedoes to energy
  • Science
    • Scan enemies
      • Give beam frequencies
    • Scan anomalies
    • Scan generic meshes
    • Scan monsters
    • Direct long-distance navigation
    • Monitor probes after launch
  • Communications
    • Direct stations manufacturing
    • Hail friendly ships for side missions
    • Direct friendly ships
    • Hail neutral ships
    • Taunt enemy ships
    • Ask damaged enemy ships for surrender
    • Special Comms Buttons (lots of variety here)
    • Start Red Alert
  • Engineering
    • Tweak system power and coolant
    • Manage overheating
    • Manage DamCon teams/repair damage
  • Fighter
    • Launch shuttle for peaceful mission or retrieve anomalies
    • Launch fighter/bomber for combat (or shuttle if desperate)
It's interesting that launching Probes engages three players.  Of course, Comms is highly dependent on what else is in the region (friendly ships, stations, etc.) or what's written in the script (custom Comms Buttons).

What else can be added to this?

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Here are a few additional features you may have missed. Some of these functions might be considered "advanced", things an experienced/enthusiastic officer as that console might want to try:

- Helm
     - Climb/Dive - maneuver above/below the sector plane (for example, to find a hole in a minefield)
     - Control the Main Screen (a mission could call for you to use Tactical or Info)
- Weapons
     - Target individual systems (Gun Camera)
     - Control the Main Screen
     - "Mark" a target for the Captain or Science (or for the script)
     - Fire on or avoid firing on friendly targets (scripts can play with this by asking Weapons to target a friendly ship but penalizing them if they fire)
- Science
     - Warn of potential threats hidden in nebulas or closing rapidly (Skaraans)
     - Under scan enemies
         - report Taunt immunity
     - Monitor BioMechs for growth or breeding
     - "Mark" a target for the Captain or (if close enough) Weapons (but NOT for the script)
     - Monitor beacons for when they run out of power
- Comms
     - Request docking (this speeds up resupply if done before Helm docks)
     - Chat between player ships (full chat and simple one-word messages)
     - Monitor friendly stations and ships for attacks/distress calls
     - Monitor status of friendly stations and ships (health, torps, energy supply for ships)
     - (With VOIP, by custom) Verbal communication between player ships
- Engineering
     - Activate Self-Destruct
     - Manage energy consumption
     - Manage presets (while this is part of tweaking system power and coolant, presets allow you to quickly shift between power requirements for different tasks)
- Fighter
     - Fighters or shuttles can protect their ship from drones while the Weapons officer stays on target
     - Shuttles can run specific rescue missions (I'm not sure if shuttles can run side missions)
     - Play Blackjack 😃


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All excellent additions.  I'm adding them to my master file and we'll see if anyone else chimes in.  I'll post the combined list in a week or two after there are no replies.


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What did you mean by Science "Under scan enemies"?
Admiral Legasse

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Some more edge-cases and advanced techniques:
        * Tow Monsters
        * Detonate Terrorist "friendly" ship (or mines, for that matter)
        * Activate Jump Drive(s) (when applicable)
        * Harvest wrecks for anomalies
        * Provide detailed bearing and distance (useful particularly for jump drive)
        * Report custom "on scanned" text defined by a mission script
        * Maintain scan lock on cloaked Skaraan (only while not selecting other targets)
        * Activate sleeper agent on enemy ship in conjunction with code case anomaly pickup.  
        * Override Helm, Weapons, or Science at any time by killing power to systems
        * Harvest wrecks for anomalies (especially for missile cruiser)
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It's tricky, but Communications can direct friendly ships to specific headings. Orders like "Turn left 10 degrees" and "Turn right 5 degrees" can be used to direct a friendly ship through a minefield, for example. I suggest that Comms should not be working alone to do this, instead teaming up with Science or Captain. This makes the most sense when the players have Jump Drive and cannot simply detonate the minefield to save the friendly ship.
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In a mission script a shuttle can do a LOT of things. It can perform rescues, deliver Marines to capture enemy ships/bases, pick up an ambassador, transfer DamCon teams from ship to ship . . . the sky is the limit.
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
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