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Mike Substelny

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Tomorrow I will journey to Phoenix to see Commodore Erickson's incredible multi-bridge setup for the colossal Phoenix Comicon. I will be helping him to make a memorable galactic experience for thousands of players.

I've been working day and night on a six-bridge Game Mastered mission script that (I hope) will knock your stockings off. It's a highly specialized script, not useful for a single crew, but in writing it I really pushed the boundaries of what the scripting system can do. Assuming it all works out I'll share my expereinces when I get backi.

If you are at the Phoenix Comicon please stop by the Hyatt and say hi!

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill

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Yay! We will be there shepherding cadets. We would love to participate.
Really looking forward to seeing you again!

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