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The Scouts and Light Cruiser I think of as the "Rogue" class, they get in quick and strike from behind, but need to get out quickly because they can't survive long in close combat. Alternately, you might think of them as the "Thief", where instead of their role being picking locks and stealing treasure for the team, they instead scope out the location of the enemy and set up traps. Their strength is in their maneuverability.

Unfortunately, the way Artemis is balanced doesn't lend itself well for this, because the "Rogue" role doesn't translate into DPS. (i.e., a "backstab") I do like Mike's idea about the smaller ships gathering up upgrades/heals for the big ships. I suspect the Scout and Light Cruiser are not intended to be piloted alone, though, but to be sent out in groups of two or three. (Which is more in keeping with a military simulation)
Xavier Wise

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Just thought I'd chime in on teh conversation. The talk of ship classes has piqued my interest.

We created a TSN 'extension' (it adds to the base game,rather than modifies e.g. replacing stuff) with different ship types that includes more specialised class ships. We've got a mine layer, carrier, super-dreadnaught, captured 'pirate' vessel, and super fast fighter style (named the lancer), as well as an escort, destroyer and troop transport. These tend not to be used much because they are pretty specialised and can't operate alone (we like ships to run both independently and in small groups) and we use them in specific missions.

I've seen other mods that have gone further and made 'sniper' class ships and 'tank' class ships, specifically tailored to RPG style roles. Have you considered running with a mod at a convention?

You'd be more than welcome to try ours. I think it has the advantage that the game itself isn't actually altered much (you still have all the standard hegemony, TSN and allied ships) it just adds extra stuff. I think the biggest change is we increased the damage of a homing torpedo by 30 (or something like that).

Anyway, thought I'd offer. I think, when it comes down to it, there is some variation in ships but they all can perform to take out heavy enemies. With mods, you can make more specialised ships that actually need support. Potentially, those can be run with smaller crews (pilot/captain, engineer and weapons/sciece for lancer class for example, or pilot, weapons and engineer for minelayer), but you'd need to be careful keeping crews engaged. In RPGs, if one role isnt needed for any reason for a few minutes,its usually just one guy. In Artemis, you have up to six instead. So when the 'tank' sits back while the missile cruisers fire, you've got 6 people watching.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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To tail on what Xavier just commented:

Right now, I (with a bunch of help from other community members) am putting together the WSD Mod that extends the base game (no need to run it as a script) by adding in a host of new player ships that are highly specialized.

The original 5 ships are still there and unchanged, but we have added a broadside ship, mine layer, fast little attack ship, Area of Effect missile cruiser, Homing-only missile cruiser, a ship build specifically to take on fighters, and a ship for wiping out drones....and to make the ships more worthwhile, we've made the enemy ships tougher, tons more drones (just about everyone can fire them...some can fire multiples), a few new types of enemies, and more fighters.

It's still in progress, although I hope to have a first full-release ready to go by the end of the week-ish. Check it out.

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Just following up on "Rogue" classes and missions, one might check out what I did to the "Midnight" in my Strike Force Seven mission. It most definitely fits the classification of a Rogue. Before it opens fire, it has shields of about 200, but as soon as it fires (actually, as soon as it is shot at) its shields drop to 40. The Midnight has the time to get off about two or three shots before it has to evade fire and get out of the combat.

Someone else might be able to do something to detect when a Rogue ship fires, instead of when it takes damage, or might see what they could do about making the ship "elusive" and hard to hit. (Perhaps by programming enemies to ignore it or not "see" it) The idea, though, is that the ship is designed to dive into a group of enemies, take out ONE target, and get out. With an ally to serve as a distraction and draw fire, it can be even more useful.

It helps that most of the "tank" ships in Strike Force Seven are balanced to do far less damage than their Battleship and Dreadnought counterparts.

I like cxfAtheuss's division of classes, too.

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Not my setup, it was put together by Commodore Erickson and his crew.  I was just fortunate enough to command a crew on one of these bridges for a few hours.  This certainly sets a high bar for developing a bridge of my own. 
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