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It was mentioned recently that the "screen-shake" effect state wasn't persistent; it has to be re-set each game.  I want to fix this, but I'm sure it's not the only such setting in the game.

There are really two kinds of persistence;
-- storing the state in the artemis.ini file, so the operator can set it once and it will be the same every time the game starts.  This option could include a "lock-out", so users can't try to change it during play.
-- making the game "remember" the last setting change, so it comes back the same after the game re-boots.

Help me gather all the GUI settings (that should be persistent but aren't) in this thread.  Thanks!

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Here are the settings we have to reset after every mission at conventions:

  • Damage visualization type: the default "fuzzy" is overkill for newbies. We set to color flash or none.
  • Beam arc visibility: we keep setting Weapons to "Own ship only" at the start of every mission.
  • Engineering presets (a preset-preset?): would be nice to have them switch back to stored presets between missions. Currently, presets are written during app exit, so setting the preset file read-only and relaunching the client provides a sort of workaround. 
Other persistent settings oddities I've found:

I have encountered a problem with pre-setting the resolution, IP address of the server, ship and station. I put the Artemis.exe into the startup of Windows, so booting up the bridge would be very hands-off. Most of my clients crash when all those settings are used at once; maybe it's too much too fast for the older gear I'm using?

Regarding damage visualization: I'd be interested to adjust the type 3 visualization (color flash), configurable in artemis.ini, with adjustable settings for color and flash duration in milliseconds. 

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