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Hello everyone,

So I tried out Artemis at a convention I was at last year, and absolutely loved it.  Finally got around to buying it, and I'm looking to get some peripherals (like a joystick) to help make the game more immersive, as well as slightly easier to control for some of the stations.

I can't remember what all they brought to the convention, but I remember they had a joystick for helm control at least, and we were using a tablet for the captain's position so they could wander around the room.  What other peripherals has everyone else thrown in, and for which station to push along the game play?

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Don't underestimate DMX lighting. For less than $50 you can make your bridge feel "alive" with environmental, game-aware lights.

Touchscreens! Probably get the best "bang for the buck" if you're planning to build a DIY bridge setup. Cost-prohibitive in many cases though. I was very fortunate to find my bridge touchscreens dirt cheap/free as they were destined for the recycle pile as excess inventory.

The Helm joystick can be a good win, and it need not have a ton of buttons. However, if you don't carefully adjust the "dead zone" it's possible to have the joystick prevent docking if the throttle doesn't easily stay at 0% impulse.

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Originally Posted by BriMan83
What other peripherals has everyone else thrown in, and for which station to push along the game play?

I use a DreamCheeky "big red button" attached to Comms for Red Alert.   I've also used it at a con whenever a newbie adult with a young kid comes up and wants to play, since we can put the kid in control of the big red button.   Sure sometimes it feels like Wesley on the bridge, but they're usually really appreciative.

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Touchscreens are the best thing you can do for Comms, Science, and Weapons.
For $15 and a few minutes I made a weapons controller out of a numpad and some key labels:


but the touchscreen is retained for targeting. Spent a while on a custom AHK script to do the load/unload since that feature was removed from the game, and also the shield status light (reads pixels from the screen) since I didn't have enough buttons for separate on/off.

Engineering can use a $50-60 8-channel midi controller such as the nanoKontrol, which someone around here has written code for.
I opted for a more expensive one with motorized sliders - couldn't resist the cool factor of having the sliders move themselves to the presets or back to 100%:
I also cleaned up and reworked the existing code for this significantly, and will post it to the public as soon as I get a GitLab instance set up.

The DMX lights are extremely well supported by the game and are definitely worth looking into.

Another thing I did was get a $15 RGB LED light and put it in the "fighter room", where they can goof off or whatever it is pilots do.
Comms has an RF remote for the light, so they communicate to the fighters with color codes when to launch and return. This was far superior to the captain having to yell over everyone several times over to the fighters to have them launch, it gives them an unmistakable signal that affects their whole environment, and it gives Comms something to do during close combat.

Check out the "custom bridges" forum here, there are plenty of threads to get inspiration from.

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@pavlvs, nice to see another implementation with the StudioMix! I'm looking forward to see the code [smile]

For anyone interested, the MIDI controller discussion can be found at, aswell as some code and videos.
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