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Ok, this is an Artemis question, but probably is more like a PC question.

On Tuesday nights I play with the Eastern Front group using teamspeak to communicate with everyone.
I'm using a microphone and headphones and I'm using one computer, and two monitors, each monitor running its own client of Artemis. The main screen at the computer is shows the station I am working on, along with the teamspeak app. The other screen (Actually the TV monitor in the room) is running the Front view screen of the ship.

I've noticed that when I'm playing the game I can hear teamspeak conversations, but only any sounds from the station I am running. If I move my mouse over to the other monitor and click on the main viewer I can hear the sound effects from the game.

Any way I can merge the sound effects to come through the headphones while I'm working at my station?



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Gypsy - my "understanding" is that Windows "gives" the speaker to the Active Task.  {By default, the one with the blue bar on top.}  Obviously TS has a work-around so it can run and NOT be the Active Task.  Sounds to me, if I am understanding your goal, like you want to run some sort of "mixer" s/w.  Take the sound output of 2 applications and mix them into a single stream.  3 input if one is to count TS itself. 

Other than that, the sages sayeth naught.  Id Est I cannot point you to any particular s/w.   

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Strangely enough, I was playing with the Eastern Front group on Christmas eve. During one of the missions we ran, one instance of the Artemis stopped running. (It was the one that was one the TV screen running the front view screen) When I was able to get the view screen running again and continued the game, I noticed that I was hearing the background music from the main screen even though I was technically one the science station on the main computer screen. I know it was a glitch of some sort because the science station was running sluggish at the time. Probably when I fire things up next week things will be back to normal. 

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