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Has anyone thought of using Alexa (or it's various competitors) which respond to voice commands and are capable of interacting with other devices, as part of a bridge build?

The notion has caught my fancy.

Alexa (or Computer), Ship status!
Computer, Raise Shields!
Computer, course 277, warp 2, engage!

Or...I notice that when I play Artemis with folks, we often only have 3 or four players.  Often it's Comms that remains un-played (we just go shoot stuff).  Maybe:

Computer, request Nukes from DS1!
Alexa, request N35 to assist!

You get the idea.

I think this is doable.  More than doable, I think this would mimic some of the wonder of Star Trek (and other such media) with their ship's AI.

The Universe is a wild place.

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This topic has come up before:

Space Nerds in Space can do this:

It's a bit of a gimmick, in reality it's not all that practical, although I am using pocketsphinx to do the speech recognition locally, which is not going to be as good as amazon or google's speech recognition (has trouble with accents or background noise or fails to recognize every once in a while for no apparent reason.)
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