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Dave Thaler

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Sandman and I will again be running Artemis at Norwescon ( in April.  We're hoping to be up to 3 bridges with DMX gear, and running co-op missions for most of it.  Based on the con organizers apparently getting enthusiastic feedback in previous years (see our videos from last year at this thread), it looks like we're being promoted up to having a dedicated room in the evenings each day, and during the day we'll be in the highly-visible rotunda again where last year we picked up lots of spectators and new players.

With 3 bridges worth of equipment, we're looking at running some 3-ship games and maybe some 2-ship games with fighters.  We might also try a scripted mission (the only multi-ship scripted mission I know off offhand is Xavier's Guardians but I need to test it to see if it works with Artemis 2.5.101).   Any other suggestions welcome.

Norwescon is the weekend after Armada, so if there's anything newer than 2.5.101 we can get before then, we can try running it at Norwescon.
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