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Hi, I'm new to the game entirely and would be looking to join a couple people to play. I'm open everyday usually but the weekends around this time. I'm also free Tuesdays between 2-5pm in the central time zone (-6:00 UTC?) It's 12:32 am by my clock when I have posted this so... yea. Anyways, if anyone's up and need someone else, I'll happily join them. I do have a microphone and teamspeak. Hoping to hear from someone possibly.


Monday - Thursday

close to this time and possibly a little earlier. Friday-Saturday, I can probably work something out but for times I know, these are the times that'll work for me possibly.


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If you're ever in the mood for a match, go ahead and join the community teamspeak. I know that today it was maxed out most of the day, but we are working on expanding the player limit on it.

Feel free to join at any time and see if people are on! If there isnt enough for a game, post in Game On and check the steam chat for Artemis to see if anyone wants in!

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