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It has been known for some time that the Battleship, Missile Cruiser and Dreadnought have fewer nodes overall than the Light Cruiser and Scout on the Engineering display. Conversely to what the player might expect, this means that these ships are more fragile than the Light Cruiser; they will take less hull damage before being destroyed. The Battleship even has fewer system nodes in some cases, making those systems easier to destroy.

The reason the Light Cruiser and Scout are tougher is due to a side effect of the code used to generate nodes in the Ship Editor. The editor attempts to create a ship 5 decks high, 5 passages wide, and 10 passages long. The Light Cruiser and Scout are a very consistent height along their length, meaning their saucer is 5 decks high, but the Battleship and Missile Cruisers have huge engines sticking out above and below the ship. The editor generates decks for these engines, leaving only 3 decks in the saucer.

While helping Arrew develop floor plans for the Battleship, I came up with the idea that the Battleship has "hidden" decks, two decks between the three decks show on the Engineering display, but with no systems located on them. The rear decks in my floor plan were twice as tall as the decks in the saucer. This idea led to me to wonder if I could built an SNT file where there are 5 decks in the saucer, but the decks in the engine section are further apart.

Thus, I built these three SNT files. They increase the number of system nodes and passages in the Battleship, Missile Cruiser and Dreadnought to 112, 110 and 115 respectively. Since the Light Cruiser has 112 nodes, that means the Battleship is equally tough, the Missile Cruiser is a little more fragile, and the Dreadnought is a little tougher than the Battleship. All three ships also have more system nodes, better balancing out what I consider should be the number of system nodes given the power of those systems. In particular, the number of shield nodes and impulse nodes (to push around those huge ships) have been increased by a lot.

The Dreadnought is not taller than the Light Cruiser and Scout, but it is wider, so I made it wider in the back than in the front, so that again there can be more passages in the saucer. In addition, I made the decks closer together, which I think makes the Dreadnought look as massive as it supposed to be. This enabled me to put even more passages in the saucer, compensating for the fact that the Dreadnought's "saucer" isn't round.

To use this mod, simply download the attached file, rename your old SNT files, and copy the new files into place. Note that while I think this can help make the ships perform more like what a player would expect, the high resilience of the Light Cruiser and Scout help balance them against the other ships, even though this may not have been intended. Since these SNT files can effect the balance of the game, I would experiment with them, and not just throw away the old files. For multiplayer games it may be better to use the stock files.

You must also copy the files to every console that intends to use it. This is another reason you may want to keep the old files around, and these files may not be compatible with online play.

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Moving to off topic.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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Yep. Although these SNT files are for the stock ships, it's still a mod, and therefore use at your own risk.

I'd also like to add that since 2.4 came out, this mod may not be as consistent with the Ximni. The Ximni ships have much fewer nodes than the TSN Light Cruiser and Scout, and thus making the Battleship, Missile Cruiser and Dreadnought tougher may effect the balance between the races.

On the other hand, because of their broad, roughly rectangular shape, the TSN Carrier, Mine Layer and Juggernaut have the same high number of nodes as the Light Cruiser and Scout. So maybe these SNT file ARE more consistent. The Ximni Battleship does so much damage that making TSN Battleship much tougher might even things up between them.

Your mileage may vary. There should be no problem using these SNT files in 2.4.
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