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This is a script I threw together in pretty short order over the summer. We were doing a scripting summer school class for MS/HS, and I used this as a proof of concept for letting the game choose random numbers.

The idea of the script is this: you have a ship with an experimental "nebula drive..." which functions like a jump drive, but without the windup time. It's also a little unreliable. To use it, drive your ship into a dense patch of nebula and the drive will fire up, jumping you to a different patch of dense nebulae somewhere on the map.

I also attempted to build the script to be very modular, so any section can be disabled without impacting any other section. For instance, there is a supply ship you can call to your position for a short time. That supply ship can be disabled easily in the ship editor.

I also intended it to be a multi-segment story. Chapter 1 is clearing the area so the TSN can build mining operations. Chapter 2 was going to be assisting in the assembly of mining ops (never written, and don't know that I'll ever continue on it)...from there, it's an open story.

Check it out and see what you like. If you want to steal any of the script for your own uses, I'm all for it.

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