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PvP Combat: Ring Nebula

This is a Bridge vs Bridge combat arena in the Ring Nebula.

The Ring Nebula is a dense nebula with various asteroids, two bases and anomalies.

Setup Instructions

Set: Server and all Artemis crew positions and hit ready to play on all (Artemis)crew consoles.
Set: Intrepid mainscreen and all crew stations. DO NOT hit ready to play on Intrepid mainscreen until server starts.
DO NOT hit ready to play for (Intrepid) crew consoles until server starts.
Set: Each vessel to preferred drive system (Recommend ALL IMPULSE, set to jump and do not use but this is optional).
Set: (verbally) agree to number of kills for victory and if docking at opponents Base is allowed of forbidden.

To Start Combat: Start Server (Hold Position) 

When Server is Running Spawn Intrepid and All Crew Positions

A Countdown will Start Match 

Rules for Combat: Drive system rules or limits, and DO NOT interfere with opponents stations orders; THIS CONSTITUTES A LOSS BY FORFEITURE
(BE AWARE HOWEVER: Docking at Opponents Base is allowed if Teams Agree)

Uploaded: 1/7/16
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